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Babel G | Babel Gambine | Groupe de musique Folk/Pop - Duo acoustique Guitare/Chant.

"Alba-based pop star makes her indie debut with a hauntingly beautiful album"

- John Tirckle , Music Today Post

"Babel G. is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Linda Shine, Music of life magazine


- Origin:   ALba-la-Romaine, France

-   Genres:    Folk pop
- Years Active: 2006- Present
-   Label:   Body Holy
-   Website:

Short bio

Babel (of German origin) left Germany to study Fine Arts in France (Lyon and Nice)

She does art exhibitions and publishes the novel "dream of carrots" and settles between her many trips (Europe, United States, several stays in New York, India, Mexico) to Alba la Romaine.

She plays in different BANDS (Happy meal, Moquette Club, Katzen jammer, Babel G. Band, La Divinette Cherra), performs the songs of her composer friends, and finally writes and performs her own compositions. Her past as a visual artist allows her to construct music as a sculpture, a collage, an installation or a performance. You think you are seeing a painting or a movie.


“MY Music is clearly inspired by who I am. My view on what surrounds me, critical or self-defeating.

With the songs I try to create a universe around all of this, in which the listener can find himself in his own way with his own experiences and his own feelings. "


Moldy peaches, Alela Diane, Cat Power, Lykke Li, Lily Allen, The Do, Alanis Morisette, Janis Joplin, Michelle Shocked, Hindi Zara, Dolly Parton, Beth Hart, Rickie Lee Jones ...


Babel G, the duo:

a voice, a guitar

(Acoustic / Folk / Pop)

Pop-rock, folk influenced compositions: anti-folk, urban folk, sometimes jazzy, sometimes country.

A voice : Sabine, of German origin, writes poetic texts in English, which speak of everyday life, joie de vivre, nostalgia and small sartorial concerns

A guitar: Didier is a professional jazz guitarist. His discreet and attentive support is however completely present.


" The concert of the duo Babel G. brought a moment of relaxation, texts, delicate music, funny and sometimes rebellious"

The Babel G. duo offers a big feeling through their eclectic and passionate repertoire. Sabine's voice is quite haunting, interpreting her own compositions, there is a vibration going through the audience. The one, so rare, that we always look for at a concert. She swings, she caresses, she sways ... Whether she dresses in  rock, jazz, folk or even country, the voice of this true singer expresses herself with originality. "

Michel, Le petit bistrot, St. Montant


Sabine's texts are poems in English, often intimate, surprising by their honesty and irony; her voice captivates us, wakes us up, touches us. Influenced by English and European pop, laced with some rock accents, for some it evokes Bjork, for others Janis Joplin… A singer with a strong charisma.

Martine, June 1 concert in Mozes

What are the songs about?

Ramming down what blocks your way, ramming you go with your battle shoes ..

The anger, the helplessness, the sadness… of having only one pair of shoes…


Babel, the traveler loves sounds, words and languages. She needs to say, to share, to be heard:

“Hang around, hang about, being useless, wasting time”


I am going out tonight I got to look so good

I don't know what I should wear to get me in the mood ...

stories from woman to woman ...




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